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I'm a self-trained Stack Developer, with proficiency in Android App Development and good experience in developing RESTful APIs using Python and Flask.
I have successfully developed and deployed several applications on Google Play

In March 2015, I completed an online Android App Development course by Udacity and Google.
I was also awarded a scholarship for Android Developer Nanodegree by Tata Trusts and Google India, for which I have received the completion certificate.

My work mostly includes Open Source Development and contributing to open source communities to improve their products. I have good knowledge and experience of using Subversion, Git & GitHub.


  • Flico

    A new dimension to movies and TV shows! Flico by Flicsys Inc. Checkout the website

  • Transfer.sh

    Easy file sharing from your Android device!
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  • TechTatva'15

    Team Lead for college techfest app.
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  • Revels'16

    Team Lead for college for college cultural fest.
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  • Potato Library

    Easy to use Utility library for Android.
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  • Started Coding

    TurboC++ 3, the first IDE I used. Marked the begining of my journey in the amazing world of programming


Get in touch for help, issues, suggestions, or to buy me a :coffee:


[Tutorial] Captive Net Portal in Gnome Shell

Posted On: 11 Jul 2016, Under gnome


Often when connecting to Public Access Points for WiFi - at Airports, Malls, Train Stations - we face the issue of “logging in” to get the internet access. Typical steps require you to open your browser and hit google.com so that you get redirected to login portal.

I’m not a very big fan of this process. Why can’t the login page just popup when I’m behind a Captive Portal?

Turns out, it can happen, its only disabled if you’re using Gnome 3.18 or above.

Follow the steps as shown in the video below, and you’re good to go!...

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