Kartik Arora

Android Developer | Drummer | Tech & F1 Enthusiast




I'm a self-trained Stack Developer, with proficiency in Android App Development and good experience in developing RESTful APIs using Python and Flask.
I have successfully developed and deployed several applications on Google Play

In March 2015, I completed an online Android App Development course by Udacity and Google.
I was also awarded a scholarship for Android Developer Nanodegree by Tata Trusts and Google India, for which I have received the completion certificate.

My work mostly includes Open Source Development and contributing to open source communities to improve their products. I have good knowledge and experience of using Subversion, Git & GitHub.


  • Flico

    A new dimension to movies and TV shows! Flico by Flicsys Inc. Checkout the website

  • Transfer.sh

    Easy file sharing from your Android device!
    Download App from Play Store
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  • Wear Dialer

    Dial a number directly from your wrist!
    Download App from Play Store
    View it on

  • TechTatva'15

    Team Lead for college techfest app.
    View it on

  • Revels'16

    Team Lead for the app for college cultural fest.
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  • Potato Library

    Easy to use Utility library for Android.
    Get it on

  • Started Coding

    TurboC++ 3, the first IDE I used. Marked the begining of my journey in the amazing world of programming


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