[RE-POST] How to get rid of svchost.exe (netsvcs)

Posted on: 02 Nov 2015

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I had a blog back in 2012, based on (self hosted). It was called Chipset Unplugged :stuck_out_tongue: but I had to shut it down because it got too many spam comments. One of the most popular posts on it was How to get rid of svchost.exe (netsvcs). The video has more than 80,000 views now :smile: For the sake of old times I’m gonna repost it here.

You might have noticed that at times your net is working very slow and even after closing all the applications the router’s LED keeps on blinking! Don’t worry, cause if you’re using Windows Vista, Win 7, Win 8 or Win 8.1, its most likely not a malware!

  1. Press + R to open up the Run dialog box
  2. Type %windir%/system32/perfmon.exe /res in the window and press OK
  3. Click on the Network tab in the Resource Monitor dialog which just opened up
  4. You will notice the process scvhost.exe (netsvcs) eating up a lot of bandwidth
  5. Click on the check box on its left and then click on the CPU tab to select it
  6. Under Services, you will notice something called BITS, right click on it and select Stop Service
  7. You will immediately notice that the bandwidth being used by the process has started dropping

BITS might be behaving like this because of some bug, but definitely not a malware. I did this for 3-4 days and after that the issue was gone. Now of course I’ve shifted to Linux, so I don’t have this problem.

You might have to repeat this multiple times since BITS tends to restart whenever the network appears to be free.



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